Brand Update: Reasons Why Businesses Need It?

Have you seen the oldest branding logo of Starbucks? Or Walmart? Or Nike? Can you even remember its color, style, and appeal? It’s all because of one branding magic called brand update!

Well, let’s see if you can still identify these brands through the logos showcased below. 

Brand update of Starbucks

Brand update of Walmart

Yup, too easy to identify, right? These companies kept the “signature” through these images, making recognizing them quickly.

But, what if they still use these logos today? That would be a little awkward or, let’s say, outdated

Friends, we are not just talking about the brand logo itself. Instead, we dig deeper into the little details of innovating from the “old” foundations to the “new” transformation. 

Is it really necessary? Here’s why you should update your umbrella branding, and if you should do it, when?


The brand is your identity, stay updated!

It reflects your products/services and overall draw to the competitive world of business. It even captivates the audience with just a single look at your brand.

For instance, Nike Swoosh highlights the speed and motion of any sporty game. You’ll see what the Nike brand narrates about their company and their products in just a glance. 

One company that changed or even “redirected” its identity is McDonald’s. Would you still label them as a fast-food restaurant that offers unhealthy goods? Nope, because they rebrand. How? They added salads, fruits, and other healthier meals. 

Was it just a coincidence? We can’t say, but how they manage a brand update made a significant impact on their name?


Brand update is the new glow-up!

To hit your desired audience, focus on your brand correctly. You’ll never notice: It will come up with a fresh path you’re about to take and suddenly allure others to support your business. 

Apple Inc. was first presented as Apple Computers Inc. Why another change? The company shortened it to Apple Inc. so that people will welcome them as a computer company and other mobile devices. After a few years, they made incredible headway through products like iPods, iPhones, and iPads! 

It’s the same as Dunkin’s, which was formerly called “Dunkin’ Donuts.” They pursue to remove the name of their primary product to promote other products. However, they still carry the breakfast pastry branding until today. 

As they began changing a “few” things, it made a “massive” effect! So, what if you made more remarkable branding changes as you improved your identity? 


The world is evolving.

The digital age began, businesses leaped from traditional marketing to online advertisement. It grew and grew until the largest market became present in digital media. At the same time, enormous companies kept their phase to the fast-moving technology.

Burberry London has jumped come along with the digital age. They started redesigning their stores to their website innovation to join a new wave of social media communication and promotion. They even used models, musicians, and actors to promote their brand. 

Imagine! Burberry has been riding high globally, but they still shifted another way just to keep their feet on the game. 

Care to make the same redesigning on your brand? If YES, when? 


You might notice an old house flaunting its vintage, faded, and traditional style. It might look ravishing during their times up until today. But you might keep it that way forever? 

How about the hairstyling of today? Would you prefer wearing Victorian hairstyles and walk across the street? It would be fun in movies or TV series, but we must embrace real life’s modern and contemporary look. 

Same with the branding. 

You might enjoy your original brand at first and wish to be “loyal” to it forever. Yet still, you shall swerve a little to make a new path of vision and mission. It might start with your values, target audience, products to release, or even your branding logo. 

Check in with us and see how you can have a smooth brand update in building a relevant business today. Schedule a call and let’s update your brand name and legacy.


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