Troy’s Story

Troy was born and raised in Woodville, Texas. With only 2,500 people at their place before, he did not lock himself in the corner. Instead, he dreamed big.

And it all started when he asked himself, “Are you a brand ambassador? How you should build for your name?”

So, he aimed to make his brand unique, relevant, and unstoppable.

Today, Troy has an ample number of businesses, ranging from retail to digital services. And now, he is ready to share all his branding and business-building experiences with you, so you can also start CREATING YOUR SIGNATURE.

Reaching 7-figure brands, building competitive brand legacies for others and mentoring brand owners and entrepreneurs are only in the PRESENT.

The PAST has taught me to become who I am.

In my hometown in Woodville, Texas, I carry all the precious memories of a simple life. It even occurred to me to think if I want to get out of bed or not. A young boy was lying there, thinking and meditating on future goals and dreams. Then, I asked, “Am I enough to build for my name?”

Over my 16-year training for my parent’s health and wellness store and other small village experiences, it inspired me to build my brand name. So I got up to my feet and lived out of the best. 

Creating My Signature

I discovered that building my own dream business was NOT at odds with helping others achieve theirs.

My past taught me well, and my present can help you, too.

To prevent you from experiencing too many troubles, I humbly offer simple but effective ways of establishing your brand name. Working with me unloads you from long years of experimenting with your brand.

Because today, you can now build your business as I share with you:


How to establish a solid and firm digital brand identity

How to create a lucrative and effective brand name and legacy

How to expose a new business brand to the market with ease and confidence


With you come and see how we can establish your brand name in the market?

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