Troy's Story

How A Small-Town Boy Generate
His 7-figure Brand Name:

.. and how he helps others build the same value of brand legacy

Reaching 7-figure brands, building high-quality
brand legacies for others and mentoring brand owners
and entrepreneurs are only in the PRESENT.

The PAST has taught me to become who I am.

At my home town in Woodville, Texas, I carry all the precious
memories of a simple life. It even occured to me to
think if I want to get out of bed or not. A young boy was lying there,
thinking and meditating on the future goals and dreams.
Then, I asked, “Am I enough to build for my last name?”

Over my 16-year training for my parents’health and wellness store and
other small village experiences, I was inspired to build my own name.
I got up to my feet and lived out of the best…

Creating My Signature

I discovered that building my own dream business
was NOT at odds with helping others achieve theirs.

My past taught me well, and luckily, my present can help you now.

I humbly offer direction and guidance for everyone, especially individuals who aspire to put up their dream business. All my years of experience encourage me to share with you the ideas about:

How to establish a solid and firm digital brand identity
How to create a lucrative and effective brand name and legacy
How to expose a new business brand to the market with ease and confidence

With you come and see how we can establish your brand name in the market?