“Voice is a way of expression, but a signature is a way of being.”

Creating Your Signature

to sign, seal, and deliver your brand name and legacy!

Unlock how to formulate your striking brand signtaure in just one sitting.

A collection of clear and easy-to-follow branding lessons that any aspiring entrepreneurs need.

It involves powerful branding principles, including…

  • How to build your personal brand before presenting it to the market
  • How to align your strategy and guidelines as a company
  • Sneaky and effective ways of market segmentation and identifying your target audience
  • What never to do to maintain a stronger brand legacy 
  • PLUS! Fast and quick step-by-step guide of crafting a firmed brand name and legacy with tons of examples from successful companies today! 

A Look Inside

About Author

Troy Andrews is a renowned brand strategist, marketer, and financial analyst. He is also an entrepreneur who manage varieties of business. Besides that, Troy has been helping business owners to build their strong brand name before pronouncing their business to the market. Through his experiences, he is now able to share his expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

 Troy is a member of Dallas Biz Journals as he publishes several contents for marketing, financing, business growth, networking, and branding. Today, he is grateful to help more people achieve elevated brand names and legacy through this book CREATING YOUR SIGNATURE.