Branding Prediction that Can Help Your Business In 2022

Business owners could have noticed the sudden changes in various companies and businesses from the past years. However, nothing is comparable to the massive change caused by the pandemic leading to worse to the worst cases. Good thing, branding can be the game changer.

So, entrepreneurs, how can you still adapt to the pandemic’s vast result of the world of capitalism? The thing key is to determine what to expect on this “new normal” setup. 

How pandemic change the world of businesses?

The pandemic significantly affected many small and big companies. It involves several industries because of the new normal lifestyle of the people. Specifically, restaurants, hotels, banking, education, and the auto industry felt the massive effect. Some of these face the risks and sudden downfall of both sales and profits. 

The pandemic also spotlights other brands and companies. Many people see the practicality of online shopping, making online stores experience overwhelming orders. Aside from that, the transition from face-to-face to virtual meetings leads to increased software and online platforms. 

Here, banking, education, health, insurance, and other industries jumped right away to digital services, making it more reasonable for their customers and clients. Moreover, delivery companies made tremendous success through the stay-at-home safety protocols. 

So, company owners and employees were shaken off by you. However, it does not stop there. Why?

Today, small and large businesses are still getting over the losses and changes that happen last 2020. Thus, all the citizens will continue to sail through the coming years, especially in 2021. 

Revelation: Branding Prediction for 2021

One of the most prominent disclosures for 2021 branding prediction focuses the branding identity. It shall possess the qualities people are looking for: values, authenticity, and vision. 

The past year became both exhilarating and exhausting. So, experts predict that the audience’s views and opinions are corresponding to the three mentioned characteristics. 

Experts ensure that this prediction is extremely likely to happen. How did they say it? They consider the largest generation in the workforce and market, the millennials. The millennial generation supports companies with great value and vision while showcasing an authentic voice. They also give their attention to well-presented branding they believe is beneficial for today. 

Here are some examples of ethical brands that maintain their company’s values, authenticity, and vision.



#1 Starbucks Branding Legacy

One best example is how Starbucks became green-conscious. They made a tremendous shift to recycling and sustainable sourcing of their products and containers. Another thing is how they pursue a program for compositing landfills from coffee grounds. And it made a massive impact on their consumers. How? 

People loved how they use organic and safe coffee products. The customers also appreciated how Starbucks provided greener cups and reusable utensils. Furthermore, Starbucks fans are very excited about their new coffee cups and metal straws. 

Thus, Starbucks’ vision for recycling, authenticity to help the environment, and value to have ethical sourcing, production, and composting.


#2 BBC Branding Legacy

The brilliant collaboration of People Tree and BBC Earth showcases a valuable, authentic, and visionary product. The clothing company, People Tree, promotes the essence of conserving the oceans and marine life. 

So, they bring out fashionable, trendy, and appealing images and quotes on their clothing line. It even helps many people to understand and appreciate ocean wildlife and marine organisms. 

Through this vivid and intense goal of the company, many supported them and recognized their environmental efforts. 

branding-kleen_kanteen3 Klean Kanteen Brand Legacy

Even before the pandemic, Klean Kanteen company gained an impressive number of supporters. They became famous through their stainless steel water bottles and food canisters. The company assured its certification and BPA-free approval to bring out multi-use containers for the people. 

This company has a clear and strong vision and mission. They are advocating people for sustainable environmental issues and solutions. In this case, people will prevent buying water in plastic bottles and single-use plastic. They will help to clean the surroundings and support the sustainable vision. 

Other incredible companies made their brands stronger. It was all worth it as they have been receiving fantastic support from the people. If they didn’t give strong points to their vision, authenticity, and value, they could have missed all the opportunities. 

Set your brand now

Prepare your branding to hit the three qualities predicted for 2021. If you successfully embody all these features, you would most likely get the eyes of the people. It will lead you into a better-running business that pursues a beautiful vision, value, and authenticity.

So, you know now the branding to expect for 2021. Are you ready to build your brand now? If yes, reach out for some help now.  Schedule a call here to see how you can align your brand to the 2021 branding trend.


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