The Top Secret of Thriving Companies During Pandemic

Businesses today have faced tons of ups and downs since the pandemic started. Companies during pandemic experienced trouble, but some are still booming in the market. So, you might wonder, how do these businesses thrive despite the tremendous loss from the years 2020 and 2021

That’s what I just found out. 

After watching surviving companies adapting through these situations, I discovered their big secret. The thing that enlightened me might also surprise you: it is the essence of listening to your team. 

I Listened, and It Worked

This secret is a no-brainer fact but it works like magic! I even witnessed the importance of listening to the team. It was when a young lady asked me for a job. Good thing we have a vacant position in our company. 

Here’s the exciting part began. This girl asked me she will only work from home due to personal reasons. I was shocked, honestly, as she surprisingly demanded this thing. But then, I did not just dismiss her. Instead, I listened to her and thought of what it could lead to. 

As I was listening to her proposal, it popped into my head how listening brings adaptability. You see, many companies during pandemic persevered through flexibility, including taking the work-from-home setup. They even adjusted things just to bend the traditional business settings. Why? It is for them to survive in the pandemic. 

So, I started giving people some slack about what they want and what will make them happy. 

I hired this girl, and we decided that she will work two days in the office and three days at home. It sounded fair enough for her, and she agreed with it. 

Through simple listening, you could make better outcomes. It does not make you foolish; it even opens you with more ideas to make a change. 

Here are the other things why listening can inspire business people to continue with their operations even with the ever-challenging pandemic.

Listening unites people. Notice how the whole business team would stick together if they were all listening to one another. Rather than debunking others’ opinions, you, as the leader, and your members should support everyone’s ideas and suggestions. In this way, you are all strongly banded to conquer any challenges. 

As you try listening to them, the lesser the chance they would leave you behind. Instead, they would even support you through the tough times in your business. 

Listening forms solid decisions. Virtual meeting setups are required today, making it tougher to discuss solutions to problems as a team. However, if the entire company, especially the owner, practices good listening, they could even develop significant decisions approved by everyone. 

Opening your all ears is effective before making conclusions. So, all minds are working, and it will help you weigh things down with your team. As a result, the entire company will create exact and compact solutions to the problem. 

Listening makes people happier. During this pandemic, most people are uncomfortable, and so is your entire team. So to lessen their burden, why not ask them anything that will ease them, like, “Please tell me things I can do to help you.” Then, as they started sharing their needs and wants, listen to them and see where you can support them. Making this a habit would totally make the whole team more motivated, resulting in a more conducive working environment.

Thrive Like Other Companies During Pandemic

The world pandemic has suffered many, and there is no exception to your team members. That’s why as the leader, you should also watch out for them and see where you can guide them.

Remember, your team is the main reason your whole business is still running. Your employees are the foundation of your company, holding together to continue its operations and transactions. If these people are gone, you will be nothing. 

In this case, keep in mind that your team’s happiness is everything. So, begin listening to your members to respect and dedicate their efforts to your entire company. Invest in your people, and see how simple listening can make a real difference to your thriving company during the pandemic. 

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