10 Ultimate Qualities of Entrepreneurs as Problem-Solvers

Being an entrepreneur is not an exemption in problems but somewhat prone to more challenges! Why? It is because, throughout sailing across te sea of companies, their business can face storms and strong waves ahead. As problem-solvers, entrepreneurs must take the lead upon the situation. How would you react? Would you just sit and let your ship sink? Or would you think and solve everything? Being the latter one reveals you as a problem-solver.   

Problem-solvers and qualities you need to be one

Many believe that people are naturally born problem-solvers. However, if you try dealing with a few details a problem-solver, you discover that it’s not just a talent. Rather, you can determine how an ordinary individual can nourish this skill.   Before checking out the benefits of being a problem-solver, review your personality first. Then, find out if you match any of the characteristics below. Business owners as problem-solvers
  1. You have an “attitude.” It does not refer to wrong motives or intentions, but the attitude of not giving up. It also carries the mindset that everything is possible to be done.
  2. Ready to redefine the problem. Instead of whining in the corner due to the issue, problem-solvers treat it differently. They see the roots and focus on more essential pieces. Yup, they are not as shallow as you think.
  3. Systematic. Similar to a ship captain, an entrepreneur does not act with any plans. They need to follow specific steps to solve the issue immediately. It is highly recommended that business owners perform the famous DACR/S or Describe, Analyze, Conclude, and Recommend/Solve. Through these steps, they might reach their goals as smoothly as possible.
  4. Avoid the experience trap. Problem solvers are not mediocre. They don’t trust the usual, but are ready to shift to different styles and perspectives. Well, it is because they even expect the worst, preparing for their next move, and are confident to take a new action.
  5. Consider every corner. They see all sides, situations, and aspects that could either help or interfere in the game. So, problem-solvers don’t just rely on things present but even on the information beneath them.
  6. See conflict as the precondition to the solution. They understood the major problem first. They even use it to reveal the underlying issues.
  7. Intuitive. They use their instincts and guts. Would that be safe? For problem-solvers, it’s safe as it also covers other qualities presented above. So, if they feel things after weighing everything, they try it. It is dangerous, but if you are a natural problem-solver, you most like never missed it.
  8. Push further. Okay is not enough for problem-solvers. They want perfection, even the intricacies of the situation. They know the entire line between black and white, and they prefer to reach the best among the rest.
  9. Find permanent solutions. They feel the victory if they permanently solve the issue. However, a temporary fix is not their nature, making them more cautious about finding another solution. It is a big deal, for they experience how permanent solutions seal the deal.
  10. Agreement and commitment from the parties. Problem-solvers ensure all things, including agreements, finalizing the whole situation.  
The above characteristics reveal how a problem-solver thinks. It also proves how they can be great entrepreneurs and business owners!   

Are you one of these entrepreneurs?

If yes, congratulations! You can genuinely handle your business well. It would guide you through the circumstances you might face today or soon. If you cannot relate to any of these, it’s okay. You can still work on it, one at a time.  However, please only consider that you need to be a problem-solver before anything else because you are a business owner. And remember, don’t call yourself an entrepreneur if you don’t want any problems. Because inside any company, you would expect issues to pop like crazy. So, what shall you do now?   

How to become a problem-solver today? 

According to Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, “Only the paranoid survive.” See around the things you need to improve and watch out for something to fail in your business. Then prepare how you would fix it.  Learn from the experts, listen, and connect with problem-solvers who have accomplished things around their business. Allow yourself to get ideas from them and apply them to yourself. Don’t stop; just keep nourishing this skill… and one day, you can now begin solving your own business problems with no hassles.  Similar to ship captain, they handle every journey as if there would be an emergency. They are ready. Thus, you should also get cracking and see your business’s problems before they even arise. Let’s become a problem-solver today. I’m happy to discuss things with you on how to productively handle business. Click here for a quick call. .


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