The most quiet during meeting

Why Being Quiet During Meetings Makes You Smarter.

Personal or online meetings have two kinds of attendees: loud people and quiet ones. So who are you among the two? And why should you choose to be the latter? Let’s find out. 

Empty cans make louder noises.

During meetings, you will surely notice people who have tons of suggestions and overflowing recommendations. Some also bring out various sayings on a particular topic, making the conversation longer than it should be. 

Similar to what an empty can sounds like. Yes, it is louder and more irritating! 

Loud talkers state plain and naive sayings, too. They are bringing up more and more topics during the meetings. What could be their real motives? They want to shine, building themselves up in front of the bosses and other employees. Why? They might wish for some promotions or want to be the go-to person for the boss. 

Yet still, being loud and overbearing makes them a show-off, and it does not make them the brightest! 

Wait, loud people in the meeting are not the focus here. Let’s put our eyes on the quiet ones. Who are they, and why do they choose to become silent? Check out the logic of how quiet ones become the unique yet brightest among group meetings.

Quiet but a killer 

Unlike loud people in the meetings, quiet ones are simply listening. They are not timid, but they prefer just to keep their mouth shut. Well, the only thing sure is that their inputs are as valuable as gold! 

Who are the quiet during meetings?

See those people who are just listening, observing, and watching others. They could be unnoticeably taking down notes or checking a glimpse of others in the meeting. They are not showing off themselves, just being seen by others. Thus, they are not just throwing ideas to impress colleagues.


Why do they keep quiet during meetings?

Quiet people during meetings focus on the problem raised in the discussion. They want to solve it as a group, not a chance to shine among the group. Being quiet also allows them to prepare themselves for the task after the meeting. They prefer to focus and do the job, not to make an impression on the boss. 

How do they keep being quiet?

They listen. Not ordinary listening skills, but keen, sharp, and bold listening to others’ suggestions. Then, their silence helps them to comprehend the ideas, enabling them to analyze the whole situation. 

How does being silent make them the brightest?

At the end of the discussion, ask the quiet ones. Wait for their minds to complete the analysis, and you’ll be surprised at how they puzzle out the whole problem. Then, there you have it. They just gave the most impressive idea everyone has been waiting for. 

But you might think: Is it wrong to give suggestions first hand? Of course not! It would be even helpful for the company to throw ideas from all the members. However, everyone should still ensure that their inputs are well thought of, contributing to the topic. 

Remember, a filled can is not loud but has a heavy and high-quality load for backup. 

Even Stephen Hawking agrees, “Silent people have the loudest mind.” Nope, not the mouth, but the mind

Indeed, quiet people during meetings can place terrific suggestions on the table. Their listening, comprehension, and overall analysis result in a more smashing idea anyone has been waiting for! 

How to become the silent killer in the group?

The secret is to observe the quiet ones and imitate what they are doing before flooding recommendations. One day, you’ll be like them: the silent killer who listens to first, then brings the brightest ideas to the table.


Learn more about how to become the quietest in the group as you jump in a quick call with a brand strategist and entrepreneur. In this way, you will get to practice your skills and improve them little by little. Schedule a call now.


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