Building a brand like Amazon

Why Building a Brand is so Important in 2022?

Branding, throughout the years, is important, and most essentially, this 2022! 


Because 2021 is when most people accept the “new normal,” it is the best time to capture an emotional effect on your audience! 

So, if you planning and building a brand this 2022, you are about to hit a NEW audience’s lifestyle, opinion, and perspectives. It has changed over a few months of the “new normal” and you should align your branding on these perspectives right away. 

Now, let’s see why 2021 requires you to create strong, plausible, and viable quality in building a brand. 

Here are the reasons you need to consider the changes in building a brand in 2022:

People are 24/7 stay-at-home with online access and availability.

Because of the pandemic, most of your audiences work from home or prefer to stay at home. They are most likely to spend more time using their gadgets and smartphones to connect with the world. 

Before, people were traveling, eating outside, or even going to malls for leisure. But today, the only way to access with their family, friends, and co-workers is online.

Through this case, find this new way of living to target your audiences. You need to consider the right branding to grab their attention. 

For example, Amazon became more vigorous during this pandemic. How? Because they maintain their shopping spree offer in the comfort of their customer’s home! They made their company more essential through people’s online access and availability. So, even many businesses were falling; Amazon continues to rise! 

People await more positivity and life improvement.

The year 2020 was very devastating too many, so this 2021, most people are waiting for something new… but better. Thus, if you build your brand featuring a positive and more beneficial effect, then people will support you all the way.

One of the successful businesses during this pandemic is the Peloton. They offer American exercise equipment to allow people to work out at home. One of Peloton’s major products is the indoor cycling bike with pre-recorded cycling classes! It will help people stay physically fit without going to the gym or too much interaction with people.

Sounds cool to you? Well, not just you, but for everyone! 

It clearly offers smart brand positioning, especially during the times when people are usually health conscious today. 

Building a brand as effective as Peloton brand

People want trustworthy and legit businesses.

Besides the positivity to offer to your people, you also need to build your brand with legitimacy. You must earn your audience’s appeal and let them see you as a treasured brand to give their 100% support.

Which business grabbed people’s hearts? Gardening companies! They became a hit last 2020. Customers believed that gardening is a safe, cost-effective, and eco-friendly hobby during the pandemic.

And as the new year comes by, many individuals still prefer to continue their at-home gardening setup. So, we are expecting more planting activities this 2022, making gardening companies stronger! 

You see, if your brand captures pleasing, helpful, and beneficial to your audience, they will truly believe in your products and services. It will let your audience put all their trust in you. 

Even cleaning brands became successful and expecting to maintain high sales because of health protocols and safety measures.

Thus, if you ensure your brand is beneficial for people, they will surely look out for your vision and mission and lend a hand for your business to become successful.

So… plan out your goal and company’s objectives, and you can wait for their empathy and support. Who wouldn’t want that?


How to make your brand suitable for 2022?

Unfortunately, various big and famous companies slowed down this pandemic. Why? Because their brand is not as helpful and vital as it was before… 

Here, make a move to make your brand more valuable to make it more favorable. 

Observe, conduct research, and analyze the prior needs of your audience. See where you can help them and how you will build a brand to assist their needs. 

Remember, 2020 taught people to want less and somehow minimalist, so just make your brand simple but significant in their lives. 

Would you like to find other ways in building a brand that is effective during this pandemic? Jump in a quick call with me and we’ll start making your new game plan.



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