Business Plan vs Pitch Deck – Which Works Better


Whether preparing for a proposal, entrepreneurs use a pitch deck or business plan. To keep its phase to the strong current of businesses, entrepreneurs need to make their brand names appealing. It must carry the words like “growing.” “powerful, and other things related to relevance. To align these labels, pitch them smoothly through the market using a pitch deck and a business plan. But when should you use the two? Let’s find out.

The intense competition of companies requires business owners to provide magnificent offers for their investors and potential business partners. So how can they do these things? First, they can prepare smooth, practical, and relevant recommendations for the market. That’s why two of the most common presentation to startup connections are the pitch deck and business plan. However, before assessing the right pitch, let’s first determine the difference between the two.

Pitch Deck vs. Business Plan 

These two items are highly used around the system. It made tons of successful startups. Some even made strong connections as their potential investor saw the value of a specific company. It even leads them to make more connections as two separate businesses.

Like others, you can also use a these two to promote your business. Have you tried any of these? If not, you’re on the right track. Let’s find out when and how you can use the two effectively to close more clients as possible. 

What is Pitch Deck?

It is a business presentation that only contains 15 to 20 slides. It is a temporary file (PDF) showing your projects to potential investors and partnerships. Moreover, it provides details about your company, your values, vision, market size, and even your solving strategy. So, pitch decks are usually for gaining more project findings through a brief presentation.

What is Business Plan?

Unlike a pitch deck, a business plan ranges up to 100 pages. Therefore, it is far more formal and serious than a pitch deck. Why? It is because this document carries the whole short and long-term plans for the project. In addition, it includes a detailed and comprehensive marketing analysis SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). 

The primary goal of this compilation is essential for investors to see the benefits of investing their money and how you will use it successfully. 

When is the best time to use these two?

A pitch deck sounds good if you wish to have a precise presentation to your clients for simple projects. First, however, you need to choose the right items to include in the file as you only have one shot for these pitches. 

On the other hand, creating a business plan is another choice for you. If you are dealing with bigger, more extensive, and more serious business projects that require more investors, pursue making a complete business plan. It will help your investors see the complete picture of your project, allowing them to either see its value or notice its problem. Thus, ensure that your business plan has smooth details and analysis. 

Choosing between these two depends on your current situation. Whether you use any of the two, you should also consider the right way of presenting your offers to the clients. So, It is most likely to be adequate for entrepreneurs to stretch out their assets and resources for continuous growth. Maximize their skills and expertise to the fullest to close big deals and strengthen these business relationships. To further ensure that, you must align these presentations with your brand’s vision.

Can you prepare your own business presentations?

We are happy to help you! Let’s keep in touch, so you can help you now to prepare things you need to prepare your overall presentations, including other essential things about your brand. Find out more about the proper pitching and presenting your plans by booking a call here.


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